1. Why fibreglass over concrete/plaster?

Fibreglass is easier to keep clean as algae and dirt have difficulty adhering to the surface.  Fibreglass Pools are more resistant to aggressive chemicals and staining.  Fibreglass has a degree of flexibility if there is ever any ground movement or cracking in the structure. The surface finish is gentler on children’s skin and does not absorb chemicals.  Mayfair can construct concrete pools but would also apply the Mayfair system over for the ultimate pool finish.

2. Can the pool be repaired if it gets damaged?  

Yes, like the hull of a fibreglass boat it is possible to repair

3. Will my pool be like an acrylic bath?

No, we intentionally finish the interior of the pool to have a textured surface.

4. What filtration systems do you use?

We can use all available systems, sand, salt, ozone, mineral salts, UV etc.

5. How long does the pool last before requiring resurfacing.

The longevity of any pool surface depends entirely on your chemical management, there are Mayfair pools that are 40+ years old with their original surfaces.

6. What colours Do your swimming pools come in

There are numerous colours available so ask your local Mayfair Pool Builder

7. Do your pools come with a guarantee?

Yes, 10 Year Structural Guarantee.

8. Will a fibreglass pool retain heat?

A fibreglass pool will stay warmer longer as fibreglass is an insulator. Many customers have advised this after we have fibreglassed over old concrete pools.

9. Can we ad steps or a ledge to suit my kids?

Our pool shapes are custom built so yes, talk with your local Mayfair Pool Builder.



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Stay updated with our latest offers.


Stay updated with our latest offers

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