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Mayfair Pools have a great team of highly experienced pool builders throughout New Zealand.  Many of the agents have built up considerable years of experience,  building Mayfair Swimming Pools.  This month we look at our Christchurch agency, who joined Mayfair Pools in our early years.

Our Christchurch Agency, Mayfair Pools Canterbury,  is owned by Bob Shearing, through RA Shearing Ltd.  Find out more about Bob’s journey as a business owner and a swimming pool builder.

When Bob Shearing first started local firm RA Shearing Contractors Ltd from the backyard of his Christchurch home.

It was in 1978 that the company became involved with the nationwide franchise Mayfair Swimming Pools, a fibreglass swimming pool manufacturer and another long-standing Kiwi firm established in 1973 which today has agencies spread throughout the country that meets the philosophy ‘any size, any shape, anywhere’.

The business continued to develop; the concrete posts division faded away while the concrete precast business continued to operate from the yard at 210 Main South Road where R A Shearing Contractors Ltd (Shearing’s) continues to operate from, though on a much larger scale today than four decades ago.

“Like every industry, technology has played a significant role in how we have developed over the years, trucks and machinery have become bigger and more efficient, but in general the earthmoving, concrete business and Mayfair Swimming Pools are still very much the same as when we first started, but we’re bigger and do more of it now,” he comments.

In recent years, the earthmoving and concrete paving and Mayfair Pools have been separated from a management point of view, each with its own division manager although they work in together and from the same premises.

“We share resources and staff, although we do have dedicated staff to each division,” Bob says.

“The earthmoving business and the paving business certainly work together and have a lot of crossovers, Mayfair operates more as a standalone division, but when they want a hole dug, they come to us, when they want concrete paving done, they come to us.”

If you are planning a new pool in Christchurch or Canterbury, talk to the Swimming Pool experts at Mayfair Pools Canterbury.






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