Lap Pools Custom made to suit your backyard

Lap Pools are becoming increasingly popular by clients with limited space and serious swimmers.

Finding the best position for a swimming pool can be a challenge, especially when you want to swim laps but don’t want a large pool and fencing detracting from the view.

For this project, by Mayfair Pools’ agent Richard Rowley of Designer Pools, the solution was to install a 20m lap pool down the side of the house.


“The pool was built for a family of serious swimmers,” says Rowley. “The family has competed in ocean races and the father coaches at the local surf club. They wanted a 20m pool for training, but they didn’t want it to stretch across the entire back yard. Positioning the pool at the side of the house left space for a large terraced area that is ideal for entertaining.”


As well as providing a 20m swimming lane, complete with lane markings, the pool has a play area, which is visible from the family living areas.

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