This stunning pool has been designed for the whole family to enjoy any time of the day or night, complimenting the modern home and wider landscape.

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Gold Pool of the Year 2018

Marlborough Pools & Spas Ltd
Mayfair Pools Marlborough

Gold 2018 Pool of the Year Award went to Mike & Lee-Anne Freeth from the Marlborough Pools & Spas Ltd agency Mayfair Pools Marlborough.


Mayfair Pools Pool Of The Year Award 2018 12 1024x682

Mayfair Pools Pool Of The Year Award 2018 12 1024x682

The team at Mayfair Pools Blenheim were awarded a Gold award at the Mayfair Pools Pool of the Year Awards in 2018 for this stunning pool.

Mayfair Pools Pool Of The Year Awards 2018

This particular pool is a custom-made fibreglass pool with a concrete retaining wall at one end to allow the pool to come off the ground.

The great thing about Mayfair pools is the fibreglass finishing, it is easy to maintain, non-porous and doesn’t allow algae to build up. Good home design is about connecting your home to the landscape and creating natural indoor-outdoor flow. Your backyard and swimming pool are also a further extension for all the family to enjoy,” says Mike Freeth, owner of the Mayfair Pools Agency in Blenheim.

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