Each year Mayfair Pools announces the annual pool of the year awards, this year a unique pool in a truly beautiful setting won the Mayfair Pools Platinum Pool of the Year Award.

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Platinum Pool of the Year 2018

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Mayfair Pools Northland

Platinum 2018 Pool of the Year Award went to Mike & Ryan Lodge from the multi-award-winning agency Mayfair Pools Northland based in Kerikeri.


Mayfair Pools Pool of the Year Winner 2018

This 13-metre 120,000 litre Mayfair Pool built by the Mayfair Pools Northland team is tucked away in the Bay Of Islands.

There are many key features in this pool, one of which is the safety ledge that runs almost around the entire edge of the pool giving everyone the confidence to take a dip.  Another is the kid’s pool – at only 400mm deep it is the perfect place for first timers, or any adult to sit back relax and enjoy. It also has a 4-metre waterfall accompanied by a smaller 1.8-metre waterfall in the centre of the pool.

Mayfair Pools Pool of the Year Winner 2018
Mayfair Pools Pool of the Year Winner 2018
Mayfair Pools Pool of the Year Winner 2018

When the sun goes down and the pool lights are turned on using your mobile phone the multi-colour LED lighting lights up the area, ready for any occasion,” says pool builder Ryan Lodge.

Oyster white with a silver glitter was the chosen colour by the client as were the dark onyx waterline tiles and the custom-made beach coping stones.  A saltwater filtration system maintains the pool with an auto PH controller making it as easy as possible to maintain.  The end result is a beautiful pool handcrafted by our Mayfair Northland team, nestled in it’s stunning tropical landscape.



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