Freshwater Pools

Pool water pure enough to drink

The type of pool water you would like your family to swim in is one of the most important decisions you will make. The system you choose will clean and sanitise your pool water – keeping it free from bacteria, pathogens and parasites. It also controls the taste, ‘feel’ and smell of the water – having a direct effect on your swimming experience.

A freshwater filtration system can transform your pool into a crystal-clear, freshwater oasis – with water that is pure enough to drink. Not only will you feel refreshed and rejuvenated after your swim, these fully-automated systems actually reduce your long-term running costs and are more environmentally friendly.

All Mayfair Swimming Pools can be optioned with a freshwater filtration system and we can also retrofit these systems on existing pools.

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How the freshwater system works

These innovative purification systems safely and effortlessly purify pool water without the need to add chlorine, salt or expensive minerals. The ionising materials keep your water free from algae, bacteria and other unwanted and harmful organisms, leaving your pool disinfected and sanitised year-round – minimising maintenance and ongoing costs.

Benefits of freshwater pools

  • No red eyes or irritated skin
  • Better for asthmatics, psoriasis and eczema
  • Savings on running costs
  • Recycle pool water onto your garden
  • No need to shower or wash swimwear
  • Less maintenance than any other pool sanitization system
  • Rejuvenating and refreshing
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