Heated Pools

Use your pool year-round


Heated swimming pools are a great idea if you plan to swim throughout the seasons. It adds value to your investment providing you with the reassurance that whatever the weather your pool is consistently warm. The right heating and insulation system for your pool will depend on your local climate, the size of your pool, your budget and how often you plan to use it. Electrical heating (heat pumps), solar, gas heating and pool blankets and covers are all options that your local agent will discuss with you.

All Mayfair Swimming Pools can all be optioned as a heated swimming pool and we can also retrofit heating on existing pools.


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Swim at the perfect temperature whenever you want

Adding heating to your pool not only extends your swim season, it means you will optimise your investment – adding value to your property and keeping you fit and healthy year-round. Many heating systems are also fully automated with smart features, meaning you can control it from anywhere – ensuring it will be the perfect temperature when you are ready to dive in!

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