Infinity Pools

Make a statement.

Often the realm of Instagram feeds, infinity pools have the ability to influence people to travel around the world to swim in their dizzying views or to take photos of it. There is nothing quite like looking over the infinity edge and feeling like you’re part of the horizon!

An infinity pool, also known as a zero edge or negative edge pool, looks like it disappears into the horizon. They are designed to play a visual trick on the eye, making you think that there is no separation between the water and surrounding landscape features.

Mayfair Pools are custom crafted on every site, meaning your infinity edge pool will be designed to optimise your landscape, views and requirements. Our dedicated team of craftsmen also work alongside architects, builders and landscape professionals to bring your infinity pool to life.

Whatever the setting, Mayfair infinity pools are spectacular.


Is my site suitable for an infinity pool?

An infinity-edge pool requires an appropriate setting and definitely works best on a site with a significant drop-off, or on properties that look over water, farmland, or urban landscapes with fantastic views.

Does An Infinity Pool Require More Maintenance Than A Normal Pool
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How does an infinity pool work?

An infinity pool works via a catchment and recirculation system. Water flows over the edge (like a waterfall) to a lower level and is captured in a lower catch basin. From there, water is pumped back into the upper pool to create a continuous overflow.

Does an infinity pool require more
maintenance than a normal pool?

Infinity pool technology is more complicated than a standard pool, so it is realistic to expect more maintenance requirements as well. The water catchment area requires cleaning as you would your normal pool, and the filtration and water pump need to be monitored to ensure effective recirculation is maintained. As water flows over the edge of the pool and into a lower basin, it will evaporate faster than in a typical swimming pool, meaning that water temperature can be altered.

However, with advances in swimming pool parts technology and apps that help you manage maintenance, it’s a relatively straight-forward programme nowadays.

Mayfair Pools Northland Pool Of The Year 2019

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