Inground Pools

Maximise your outdoor space

Inground and above-ground swimming pools and spas are in investment in your property, family, and health and wellness. With our custom build process you can rely on the flexibility of a Mayfair Pool build to make the most of your outdoor space – whether it’s an inground pool to nestle into your backyard, an infinity pool on a cliff edge, or an above-ground pool that steps seamlessly off your deck.


Constructing a Mayfair Pool on smaller sections, in tight spaces or on a sloping section is no problem. Our pools are designed to make the most of your property, and regardless of the challenges your site may present, with support from a raised structure or block wall, we can create a harmonious flow from inground to above-ground to ensure your pool is perfectly level.

Your licensed Mayfair Agent will work with you to design a pool that makes the most of your outdoor space and exceeds your lifestyle requirements.

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What is an inground pool?

An inground pool is achieved by excavating the ground to the required shape and depth, then constructing framework to receive fibreglass – which is sprayed onsite to the pool. The end-result is a swimming pool that looks and feels part of your landscape, complementing the design of your home and space.


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Built for your property

Mayfair Pools are designed specific to your property – whether your site is large, small, on the edge of a hill, within a hotel complex, or overlooking a view that is to be celebrated, your pool can be created any size or shape, anywhere.

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