Saltwater Pools

A gentle alternative to traditional chlorine

Saltwater pools offer some big advantages over traditional chlorinated swimming pools and have become increasingly popular over the years due to their benefits.

Because they have lower levels of chlorine, saltwater pools are much gentler on the skin and eyes. The saltwater chlorination system leaves water feeling softer and is considered safer than chlorine pools because there is no need to handle chlorine in its physical form. Additionally, because the salt cells in a saltwater system only produce chlorine as needed, the pools require far less maintenance and chemicals when compared to traditional chlorinated swimming pools.

All Mayfair Swimming Pools can be optioned as a saltwater swimming pool and we can also retrofit these systems on existing pools.

Mayfair Pools Lap Pool

Saltwater pool myths

Contrary to popular belief, saltwater pools aren’t completely chlorine-free. The system uses a process to create chlorine, which disinfects the water when needed, however this is barely detectable. And saltwater pools aren’t as salty as you think with only one-tenth the salinity as seawater.

Mayfair Pools Lap Pool

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