Fibreglass Pools

Fibreglass Pools

Mayfair Pools custom builds each and every fibreglass swimming pool.  They use a unique patented swimming pool construction method.  Mayfair Pools holds international patents in both New Zealand and Australia and has won awards in America for their swimming pool construction method.

Custom Made Fibreglass Pools

Mayfair Pools offer a complete custom-made approach to swimming pools.  To suit your family requirements and your section requirements.  A Mayfair fibreglass pool can be built to any size, shape, anywhere.  From the size through to the depth, to swimming pool steps and various swimming pool features, these are all tailored for your requirements.

Fibreglass Pools – Stronger than Steel

Your Mayfair Pool is constructed of a material stronger than aluminium, steel or even magnesium — fibreglass, we custom make your pool fibreglass pools to any size and any shape.


Stay updated with our latest offers

Stay updated with our latest offers.


Stay updated with our latest offers

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