Mayfair Pools Hawkes Bay

A Hawkes Bay Lap Pool for the Serious Swimmer

Mayfair Pools Hawkes Bay have designed and built a stunning custom made lap pool for the family that loves swimming.

This custom made pool was designed by Pierre du Toit, Fat Parrot Architecture and built by the team at Mayfair Pools Hawkes Bay and was awarded a  Gold Pool of the Year at the Mayfair Pools Annual awards for 2019.

The Lap Pool features include;

  • 19m long lap pool with 4m x 3m pool entry
  • Masonry block engineered pool with Mayfair fibreglass system
  • Double hidden cover pit with solar covers.
  • Eco pump with glass media filtration.
  • Magnapool mineral pool system.
  • Hot Water Heat Pump water heating.
  • Terrazzo Veneto paving.
  • Waterline tiles.
  • Custom-built pump shed.
  • Plastered masonry retaining walls.
  • Relocated existing spa to new poolside



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Stay updated with our latest offers.


Stay updated with our latest offers

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