Pioneers of the swimming pool industry

Nearly 50 years ago, two enterprising brothers, Keith and Colin Atkins from the Hawkes Bay took an idea conceived on the Continent and introduced a unique and patented method of in-ground swimming pool construction to New Zealand.

Over a period of four years, the system of construction was tested, modified and updated to comply with the strict requirements of engineers. Soon, Mayfair Swimming Pools were in great demand throughout Hawkes Bay.

As word spread beyond Hawkes Bay, and the volume of enquiries from prospective pool owners all over New Zealand continued to grow, a network of licensed pool builders was established.

Mayfair Pools is now owned by Keith’s son Clint, and the network of 16 agents extends across New Zealand from Kaitaia to Dargaville.

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History 1971 Mayfair Pools

1960’s Founded in the city of Hastings, in Hawkes Bay, Brothers Keith and Colin Atkins began their fibreglass business as a caravan manufacturer. But it wasn’t long till the brothers saw the potential to build other fibreglass products – such as boats, and swimming pools.



History 1970 Mayfair Pools E1647461513104

1970 A year to celebrate, with our first swimming built at Apple Motor Inn in Hastings. Not long after that, the business was restructured so that Keith would take over the swimming pool construction (under the Mayfair Pools brand already headquartered in Hastings). Colin then took the helm of the caravan and boat manufacturing business, under the name of Concord Fibreglass.



History 1972 Mayfair Pools

1973 Mayfair Pools was flourishing and demand for our pools soared – along with our reputation. People all over New Zealand wanted a Mayfair Pool, so Keith and his legal team were able to develop an innovative licensing system that meant the business could rapidly expand to cover the whole country. Times were exciting, and very busy.



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1974 Experimentation was key. It allowed Kevin to introduce new designs and unique inground construction methods for the pools – while ensuring they met strict civil engineering and local authority requirements.  This was also the year that our pools and designs became protected by Australasian-wide patents.



History 1973 Mayfair Pools

1975 It was official, the Mayfair Swimming Pool system was awarded a patent for New Zealand and Australia. And from there, the first licensee was able to be established in the Horowhenua town of Levin. Later that year we also entered the Australian market, in the Northern Territory city of Darwin. We held our first annual conference at our home base of Hastings.



Mayfair 1975 1024x694

1980s By the time the start of the 80s rolled around, growth was exponential, with licensee’s opening in Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and Canberra. We also began operating in the South Pacific – including Fiji, Samoa and Rarotonga. The only way is up! In 1983 we built our first rooftop swimming pool on the roof of Auckland’s Sheraton Hotel.



Curved infinity edge pool

2000’s It was a cause for great celebration in 2013 when we were able to mark our 40 year history in the pool building industry. And the following year, we continued with our ‘always innovating’ ethos, by introducing swimming pool insulation as an option for all pools. In 2015, we ticked off pool number 12,000 and it was certainly a time to step back and look at what we had achieved over the years.



Mayfair Pools Commercial Pool 17

Today An enduring legacy, Mayfair Pools is still in the Atkins family, with Keith’s son Clint overseeing operations that includes 16 licensees holding 32 licences across New Zealand and the South Pacific. When you have a successful, well-established business – it’s easy to stick to the status quo. But here at Mayfair Pools, we’re different. We continue to trust in our pioneering spirit, because it has led us to where we are today. There are more than 40 commercial Mayfair swimming pools located in the Auckland CBD alone and at last count, we’ve installed more than 15,000 pools in New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific. That certainly makes us leaders in our field.


9m x 5m concrete block pool in colour: Atlantic Blue. Built by the team at Mayfair Pools Otago.

The name Mayfair Pools is synonymous with a premium quality brand, supported by a tried and true design and construction system and a limitless enthusiasm for what we do.



Today, Mayfair Pools are one of the largest swimming pool builders in New Zealand, with agents throughout New Zealand, and projects in the Pacific Islands.


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