Why choose a custom-sprayed fibreglass pool?

A swimming pool is an investment not only in your property, but in the quality of life you and your family will enjoy for years to come. Mayfair Pools are built to last a lifetime with unsurpassed structural integrity from the foundation to the sub-structure, through to the fibreglass shell. Our proprietary fibreglass system, sprayed on-site to the shape of your pool, provides even further flexural strength, superior resistance to water erosion and chemical interaction, and heating efficiency that you will not find in a concrete or drop-in fibreglass pool.

We use only top-quality vinyl ester resins suitable for permanent water immersion and heated water, with a premium barrier coat and non-porous flow coat in your chosen colour. We know our custom-sprayed fibreglass pools will provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment, years of stress-free maintenance, and personalised style that stands out from the rest.

5m x 3m plunge pool in colour: Linen. Built by Mayfair Pools Taupo Rotorua.

Fibreglass – Strong and Durable

Fibreglass is an extremely strong, hard-wearing and durable material. It will outlast any other swimming pool surface – including concrete – providing you with years of stress-free swimming. Ongoing costs are minimised with a Mayfair fibreglass pool due to less maintenance, chemical requirements and lower energy consumption.

Less Maintenance

Smooth and non-porous, a fibreglass pool is less likely to develop mould and algae like other surfaces – resulting in less cleaning, less chemicals and less ongoing maintenance costs. The surface cleaning can be done by an automatic robotic cleaner and the newest pool equipment and technology will take care of most of your water quality treatment, leaving you with more time to enjoy poolside.

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More Style

Fibreglass comes in a variety of colours and styles – from Fijian Sands to Azure Blues and glitter finishes, providing you with lots of options when choosing the perfect design for your sanctuary. Your licensed Mayfair Agent will help you choose the best colour for your landscape and create a personalised design that reflects as much about you as any other part of your home and lifestyle.

Gentle on Skin

Because of their smooth gel-coat surface, fibreglass pools are soft on feet and skin. The rough finish of a concrete pool can be hard on bare skin, meaning that active kids can often end up with grazes and scrapes. The abrasive bottom and sides are also rough on automatic and robotic pool cleaners, wearing out parts much sooner. There really is nothing smoother than a fibreglass pool.

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Built-in Fibreglass Spas

Every Mayfair Pool can be constructed with an integrated or adjacent spa so you can enjoy the best of both worlds! The spa can be built into a corner, side or end of the pool depending on the pool shape, with the two bodies of water separated by a wall; constructed so they are separate entities; or even as an overflow.

Longer Swimming Seasons

Fibreglass is a natural insulator meaning you will enjoy a longer swimming season along with reduced heating costs. And combined with the Mayfair proprietary insulation system, you have the longest swimming season of any pool on the market.

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