White sand beaches and sparkling blue waters are part and parcel of a tropical holiday. So it’s not surprising a new poolscape in Whangarei echoes these features evoking a sense of peace and relaxation.

Tropical Resort Inspired Pool Crafted In Whangarei

This stunning pool, in Parua Bay Whangarei was built by Mayfair Pools Northland, a specialist in custom projects. At 14m long and 4.5m wide the pool is large, but the size is increased further by an 8m² beach area.

To reinforce the concept of a small cove, the pavers in this area are ground with a shell sand and paua mix, while the remaining pavers around the pool feature a shell sand and small pebble mix.

Mike Lodge, Mayfair Pools Northland says the tropical look is enhanced by the Fiji Sand fibreglass finish on the pool, which incorporates glitter for a sparkling effect.

The pool also has another special feature, the water flows between the coping stones down to a 10,000-litre retention tank and is then returned to the pool. This creates the impression of an infinity edge”.

– says Lodge

The pool has a hidden super bubble pool cover, a hot water heat pump and a saltwater filtration system with auto pH control.

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